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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use,
the more you have"

- Maya Angelou - is an attempt to propose and promote an idea of maximalism by divulging oneself in the realm of printed personas.  Each piece of fabric with each style of its drape tells a story of self expression and self indulgence.  We often take inspirations from local art forms and crafts of India for our print collections, in an attempt to shed a contemporary light to these hidden gems. We also collaborate with fashion designers and home decor firms for their print design requirements.

Each product curated by is locally sourced and produced reducing its carbon footprint. Our signature scarves are made with 100% silk to propose an idea of 'Slow Fashion' and longevity Our products are hand finished by local artisans in the community thereby generating employment opportunities for them in these difficult times. We are a homegrown brand and we aim to rethink how we design and produce to create a world more conducive to the growth of local artisans and their craft.


We at promise to infuse this value into every seam, lining, and fold of a lovingly crafted product.

Best Regards

Arjun Mehta
Founder/ Creative Director

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